Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Photographer of the Month

February, 2010, marks the beginning of the third year for the Friends of Hagerman Photographer of the Month program. Each month, beginning in February, 2008, a photographer has been chosen and his or her photos, all taken at the Refuge, have been featured in a virtual album on the Friends website during that particular month.

Here is the roster of the Photographers of the Month, for the first two years:

2008-2009 - Jack Chiles, Rick Cantu, Johnny Beall, Kenneth Jeffcoat, Donna Niemann, Michael and Grace Haight, Carol Pfeiffer, Joe Blackburn, the Earley Family - Diane, Mark, Jimmy, Mariam, and Joshua; Ronnie Barron, and Dana Handy.

2009 -2010 - Eileen Sullivan, Cinda Benton, Tony Dean, Jim Gay, Robert and Mary Ann Cummings, Randall Lantz, Dick Malnory, Kay Karns, Bill Adams, Chris Jennings, Callie Evans, and Laurie Sheppard.

Some interesting trivia to note about the albums - all five members of the Earley family contributed to their album; two couples, Michael and Grace Haight and Robert and Mary Ann Cummings, each collaborated on their albums, and Joe Blackburn, who is a regular visitor to the Refuge, shot all the photos in his album in a single visit.

These photographers have made a great contribution to the photo resources of the Friends and have allowed many viewers to enjoy the Refuge through their vision and skill. Many thanks to each of them for their generosity in sharing their talents and their work!

To view the Photographer of the Month's album, please go to Photo Gallery at http://www.friendsofhagerman.com. (Photo - Hagerman Landscape, by Rick Cantu)

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  1. So glad you all decided to start this "Photographer of the Month" program. It really does show the wealth of resources we have right in our backyard at Hagerman. Thank you for allowing us (the photographers) to display the beauty of the refuge :)