Thursday, January 20, 2011

What Birds Can I See Here?

Birders and other visitors to Hagerman NWR are always interested to know what birds are to be seen out on the Refuge. And currently there are several ways to obtain this information, some electronic and some the traditional way.

1. Each week on the NEWS page of the Friends of Hagerman website, (click Bird Survey Highlights), the highlights of the weekly bird census taken at the Refuge are posted, along with location for many of those listed.

2. Similarly, these highlights are also posted on the Friends Facebook page; if you are not “on” Facebook, you can navigate to the Friends page by googling Friends of Hagerman Facebook Page. Once on the page, scroll down to find the weekly post.

3. At Refuge Headquarters, a new whiteboard has been mounted just inside the door, with recent sightings posted, along with the date and location.

4. Also at HQ, ask the staff or the volunteers on hand for the Bird Census notebook, with complete record of birds seen each week.

In a more general sense, the Photo Gallery on the Friends website has albums devoted to the waterfowl, waders, raptors and songbirds. The collection is a work in progress and new photos taken at the Refuge are always welcome; send in jpg format to along with your name and the photo title. Permission to use the photo is implicit when you submit them. We also appreciate photos taken at the Refuge that are shared on Facebook.

A Guide to Winter Birds for Photographers lists most likely species and suggested locations. This publication is free and may be picked up at Refuge HQ.

A new and slightly revised edition of the bird check list for Hagerman is due in at this time; be sure to pick one up at HQ, free of charge, to register the birds you see on your next visit to Hagerman NWR. The list is also available on the Friends website, on the NEW page (click About Hagerman ) and on the official Refuge website,

So enjoy your trip to Hagerman NWR and be sure to let HQ know if you spot something different!!

Post by Sue Malnory, with photo, Wilson's Snipe, by Eileen Sullivan

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