Thursday, April 7, 2011

Should I use spot metering or center weighted? What's the best ISO for this shot? Conversations like this will be heard across Hagerman NWR on April 30 as small groups of photographers fan out across the Refuge for the 3rd Annual Spring Photo Safari.

Whether you have never opened the manual for your camera (manual??) or are experienced at setting up sophisticated nature shots, there is a place for you at this event. There are only a few requirements, the big one is that you need to register in advance to be sure there is a place for you, as spaces are limited.

You will also need to be on time, 8 a.m., in this case, so your group can set out together. Bring your camera, and your manual - the group leaders will be familiar with most cameras but may not know all the bells and whistles on your particular model. Extra batteries! Tripods are good, if you have one, and footwear for walking through grass wet with dew.

You may also bring a brown bag lunch, to join in the post-shoot discussion in the audio Visual Classroom at the Refuge. Dessert will be provided.

There is no charge for participation; to register send your name, contact information, make and model camera to

Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge is located at 6465 Refuge Road, Sherman, TX 75092. Photo programs at the Refuge are sponsored by Hagerman NWR ( and the Friends of Hagerman ( ).

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