Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Website for the Friends

Welcome to our newly re-designed website!

New look, same address, and we hope you will easily find information you may be seeking about Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge and the Friends of Hagerman, and will enjoy the many photos from the Refuge.

One improvement - rather than having our old-style NEWS page, which was more or less a catch-all for lots of info, we now have a FRIENDS page with information about the Friends, Friends projects, organization, membership and more, we have a REFUGE page with these sections: VISITOR INFORMATION; BIRD DATA, where you can find the Bird Survey Highlights, Bird Check List and other birding information; TRAILS which offers the hiking trails guides, the newest official Refuge guide and related information, and then a section for HUNTING BOATING & FISHING.

Next, we have an ACTIVITIES page, with coming events, and you may also go directly to SECOND SATURDAY and SECOND SATURDAY FOR YOUTH events.

On the NEWS page, you can find the Featherless Flyer and other headline news; in addition you can now view the Friends Facebook page, without having to be “on” Facebook to view the many interesting posts and photos there.

Under GALLERY, you will find many beautiful virtual photo albums, led off by the current Photographer of the Month, as well as top Nature Photo Club news. You may also go directly to NATURE PHOTO CLUB with a listing of events, links to contest forms and more. Also under GALLERY you will find the PHOTO GUIDE, a guide to the Refuge especially for photographers.

And we are not through! Coming soon, you will be able to shop the Nature Nook online, renew your membership and contribute with the addition of a secure section to the site.

We hope each of you will visit the site soon and send us your comments!

A special thanks to all the photographers who have contributed to the wonderful collection of images taken at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, a collection we have drawn on liberally for this site.

AND special thanks to each of you for your support for the Friends and the gifts which have gone toward this project.

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