Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bluebird College

"Bluebird College Professor" Carolyn Kohls
Nearly 650 children have been to “college” at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge so far this year!  Bluebird College that is… the “college” classroom is on the Visitor Center patio, with a good view of a Bluebird nest box in the adjacent field, the “college professors” are volunteers from the Nest Box Monitors, and the curricula is geared to the grade school interest level.

The students learn to recognize an Eastern Bluebird and the difference in plumage for the male and female.   They learn about Bluebird habitat, diet and nesting. Students get a close-up view of a nest box and completed nest.  They see photos of Bluebird young in various stages of development.  They also get to see a nest that was removed, along with several eggs, from a box on the trail at the Refuge after it was clear that there would be no hatch.

They get to hear a recorded Bluebird song.  And they might even get to see Bluebirds flying around the nest box nearby.  

Thanks to the school administrators, teachers, parents, Friends of Hagerman, volunteers and Refuge staff who make it possible for all these children to go to Bluebird College!

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