Thursday, July 27, 2017

8th Annual HNWR Nature Photography Contest

From the FOH Nature Photography Club

On Golden Pond - By Kim Morris, 1st place Beginner/Intermediate Wildlife, 2016
Have you heard this saying about visiting a refuge or wilderness area, "Leave only footprints, take only memories"?  Well, you can also take away "digitized memories" aka photographs.  Photography at Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most popular activities.  Now you have an opportunity to share some of your best efforts and compete for cash, ribbons, and recognition as well in the 8th Annual Hagerman NWR Photography Contest.

Dew - By Donna Niemann, 1st Place, Artistic Category, 2013
Ribbons will be awarded for the First, Second, and Third place in each of four categories in two divisions. In addition, a cash prize of $50.00 will be awarded for First Place in each category and $100.00 for the single photo judged as Best of Show. Winners will be determined by a panel of three judges, who will review the submitted photos without knowing the identity of any of the photographers.

The entry period for the contest begins on August 1 and runs through August 31. Photographers can enter as many photos as they choose in one of two divisions - Beginner/Intermediate, and Advanced, and in 4 different categories:

Wildlife – Animals and birds in their natural habitat.

American Avocet - by Laurie Lawler, 1st place, Wildlife Category, 2012
Flora and Macro – Flowers, trees, and shrubs in their natural habitat. This category includes images of insects, plants, and animals taken with specialized macro equipment, settings or close-up images taken with a telephoto lens.

Peek a Boo - by Nancy Miller, 1st Place, Fora and Macro Category, 2011
Landscape – Expansive and dramatic views of the land and its features. Photographs in this category may include images of people enjoying the Refuge.

Winter Sunset - By Ron Varley, 1st Place, Advanced Landscape Category, 2016
Artistic – Artistic compositions in nature, both natural and manipulated in post processing (black and white, infrared, stitched panoramas, multiple-exposure, digital manipulation). Photographs in this category may include images of people enjoying the Refuge.

Into the Night - by Denise Remfert, 1st place, Artistic Category, 2015

Photos entered must have been taken at Hagerman NWR within the past five years.  
All entries including those sent by mail must be RECEIVED at Hagerman NWR by 4:00 pm on August 31. THERE WILL BE NO DEADLINE EXTENSION!   Entries can be dropped off or mailed to the Refuge at: 

Hagerman Photo Contest, 6465 Refuge RoadShermanTX 75092-5817

Doe - By Eileen Sullivan, 1st Place, Artistic Category, 2011
 Complete information about the photo contest rules, entry fees, entry form, and contest tips is available online (see sidebar on Club page)*. If you have questions regarding the photography contest, please contact us.

Storm Coming Through - By Randy Conaway, 1st place, Landscape Category, 2014
*UPDATE:  Please note the on July 29, 2017 the photo contest rules were updated to expand the definition of the Artistic category to include HDR.

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