Monday, June 14, 2010

Fishing Fun

Who has more fun than a youngster going fishing? Only a parent or grandparent watching them make that catch! At this time of year many recreation facilities are holding fishing derbies, etc. for boys and girls, and the Van Alstyne Library even held a fishing clinic at the library (no water in sight) last week, led by representatives from the Friends of Hagerman, Ed Supina, Education Chair for the Friends, and volunteer Ken McTee.

At this time of year the ponds at Hagerman NWR as well as the lake are open to fishermen, and the area around several of the ponds has been recently mowed. On Super Saturday, May 29, fish were caught in Picnic Pond and in the display ponds near the maintenance area at the Refuge. Apparently the ponds are stocked "by nature" when the lake floods! As always, watch out for snakes and ticks when walking the trails and grassy areas. For information about licenses and fishing regulations, see

So when you are out for a good time this summer, take one or more boys and girls, a pole, line, hook and sinker, add bait and water and ENJOY!

For more information about programs and activities at Hagerman NWR, see, and for the official Refuge website, go to

Photos - top by Becky Goodman, lower right by Sue Malnory

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  1. Some of my best days as a youngster were spent fishing and learning watercraft, its great to get into at a young age and I look forward to teaching my kids!