Monday, June 7, 2010

Texas Wildflowers

By Mary Ann Kelley

When we think wildflowers in bloom, we usually think Bluebonnets and Spring. Did you know that wildflowers bloom in almost every month of the year in our great state of Texas? There are hundreds of pretty little flowers that line the road sides and the prairies. Some of these may be considered weeds, and yes they are wild. Thanks to Lady Bird Johnson, wildflowers are not only more prevalent but are more appreciated. It has become popular to plant open fields, road sides and vacant lots as well as our back yards. Wildflower seeds have become easier to find to purchase. Like so many other beautiful flowers, wildflowers are a little tricky to successfully propagate. On June 12 at Hagerman Refuge Center, we are going to get the help of youngsters aged 6 - 12 to start the process of planting seeds. They will learn how to start the germinating process and make seed balls that can be taken home and planted in their yards.

To participate in this Second Saturday for Youth event, reservations are necessary and may be made by calling 903 786 2826. The program is free of charge.

For those interested in D-I-Y, here is link to instructions for the seed balls. For more information about programs and activities at the Refuge, please see The official Hagerman NWR web address is

Photo: Gallardias, by Carol Pfeiffer

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